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Because our mission is to make our information freely available to everyone who needs it, we do not charge for our publications, even though researching and developing them costs us time and money.  Rather, we look to socially-conscious companies like the Google Foundation and individuals like you to support our continued efforts.

The William Gladden Foundation proudly announces that the Chair of our Board of Directors received acknowledgement for his tireless efforts to improve the outcomes of America's foster children.

Dr. John Seita's alma mater, Western Michigan University, developed the John Seita Scholarship to help undergraduate students who have aged out of foster care pursue their educational goals.

Listen to Dr. Seita's podcast on the state of foster care in America by clicking on this link http://spartanpodcast.com/?p=356

And make certain to read Matt Damon's foreword to Dr. Seita's book, Kids Who Outwit Adults.

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